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Lawn mowing Mornington Peninsula services

Lawn mowing mornington peninsula
Lawn mowing, landscaping, and fertilizing are what we do best. 

We are professionals and will transform any back or front yard into something more vibrant and dynamic.
We completely understand that taking care of your property is a must. Good maintenance can take a good chunk of your busy schedule. We are here to save you time and money by providing excellent lawn care services so you don't have to worry. Our skilled landscapers will make sure that your property is green, clean, and maintained.

Mornington Peninsula residents and business owners have used our mowing and landscaping services to keep their lawns looking perfectly mowed, trimmed, and edged. With our affordable service, you can forget about spending long hours mowing yourself, and instead, leave the work to us so you can simply enjoy the outstanding results. We pride ourselves on being Mornington's best full-service lawn care and landscaping company we can be so if you are looking for lawn mowing mornington peninsula, then look no further.

We offer a wide variety of services to fit every need and situation. With many years of experience in the landscaping business, we know what it takes to keep your property looking its best throughout the entire year and we look forward to providing you with excellent service. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we will do whatever it takes to provide you with everything that you will need to make your property look it's absolute best.

We offer lawn services for residential, full estates, and commercial properties. We do it all from lawn mowing, full estate maintenance, landscape design, soil testing, turf laying, pre-sale makeovers, and more. We take all jobs, large or small. Give us the opportunity to present our landscaping services to you by giving us a call or fill out the quote form where we will get back to you quickly. We believe in what we do, and we take care of each and every property as if it were our own.
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Lawn Maintenance Services That We Offer

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Full Estate Maintenace
  • Vineyard Estate Maintenance
  • Fertilizer & Weed Programmes
  • Total Lawn Care Programmes
  • Real Estate Pre-sale Makeovers
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Commercial Lawn & Landscape Maintenance
  • Strata & Owners Corporation Maintenance
  • Turf Laying
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Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service helps keep your lawns looking great all year round. Having your grass professionally cut saves you time and will help keep your lawn looking spectacular.

We only use high quality equipment which gives you the best results for your grass. Each job will include making sure the edges are left nice and trim and cleaning up any clipping so your property is left looking great.

We can do a one time mow, or schedule regular ongoing visits so you won't need to worry.
Lawn Mowing
Mornington Estate

Estate Maintenance

Have us look after your estate lawns while you are either away or enjoying your time at your estate property.

We will ensure your estate lawns are kept in pristine condition all year round and our services include full state maintenance and upkeep.

Talk to us about a estate management plan that suits you and your property.

Fertilizing Programmes

To help keep your lawn in the best shape, you need to provide nutrients to the soil which means regular fertilizing. This really can make the difference between having an average lawn, and an amazing looking lawn.

If you over fertilize your area, it can damage it, this is where our professionals understand the right times to fertilize and how much to fertilize the soil.
Real Estate Makeover

Real Estate Pre-sale Makeovers

Looking to sell your house and want to ensure your property looks great on the outside? Let us help you tidy up and transform your place so you get the best sale price you can.

Making the outside areas of your property look good can help to sell faster and get more interested buyers.


If you are looking for ideas on how to make your garden and outside area look even better, we can help. Our experienced landscapers will talk through some options from simple changes to entire makeovers. 

Transform your property to your desire and be proud of your gardens on display.
Turf Laying

Turf Laying

Let our professional turf layers do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and watch while your new grass is being laid. 

We will do everything for you ensuring that your new turf is laid perfectly and stays that way.

 We can help with turf selection and sourcing so you get the complete turf laying service .

Properties That We Service

Residential Properties


Commercial Properties


Estate Properties


Some handy tips on taking care of your lawn...

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Tip #2
Tip #3
Tip #4
Tip #5
Tip #6

Get rid of things which shouldn’t be there!

Things like weeds, moss, and thatch can impact growth as they block important nutrients from making it to the root of the grass.

Weeds can appear in several different ways are very common in most lawns. There are multiple ways to eliminate weeds, pulling them out by hand or with a tool is probably the easiest. Make sure you pull out the entire weed, with their roots if doing it this way. If there is a lot of weeds, then you could try spraying them with a herbicide, just make sure it’s low in toxicity.

Thatch is dead leaves and grass that hangs around between grass and builds up. This creates some blockage and prevents nutrients from getting into the soil and the roots. The best way to remove thatch is by raking it away with the right tools or by using a lawn scarifier.

Moss are plants that don’t flower, and they love areas that have a lot of moisture or shade. If you don’t remove moss it will reduce the ability for your grass to grow. The only way to remove moss is by understanding the root cause of why it is there and then maintaining a good lawn.

Water build-up issues

Check the drainage of your lawn and make sure water doesn’t build up in any area. Generally, it comes down to two reasons why this is happening, either the soil doesn’t absorb water very well, or the landscape of your garden is poor.

Soil – If you have too much clay or thatch in an area this can contribute to water build-up. You may have to look at aeration to help the flow of water and air if this is the case.

Landscape – If your garden is not designed in a way where there is a gentle slope away from your house, so the water can flow then you may have to investigate fitting drains or gutters to remove any excess rainfall. You can also look at adjusting the area which is getting water built up or putting in some wet plants which love water.

Allow air and water to get to the roots

You can do this by aerating your lawn, which only really needs to be done every two or three years and you can do small patches if needed. The best way is by using a garden fork or aerating tools.

Bring your lawn back to life

By seeding your lawn with large quantities of seeds which are mixed with fertilizer, this will bring your lawn back to life and make it look amazing again. Make sure that you prepare your area first by aerating, mowing, and getting rid of things that shouldn’t be there. 

Try and spread the seeds evenly and keep it moist which helps with germination, also don’t forget to add a top dressing to protect the seeds!

Mow correctly

When mowing your lawn, try to cut it about one-third of its current length. You will need to mow more frequently in the summer as the grass grows quicker, but in the winter colder months it will be less frequent. You should avoid mowing when the grass or soil is wet as it will damage the lawn.

Giving your lawn the best food

To give your lawn the best nutrients, there are many products available from your local supplies store. The type will depend on your soil and location, so best to ask someone at your store for advice. Generally, if you treat it a few times per year, in the spring with a nitrogen-rich lawn feed and autumn with a fertilizer with high levels of phosphate and potash then you should be fine.

Make sure you also water your grass often otherwise it will change colour, although be careful not to overdo it as too much can damage your lawn. Best to water in the cooler times, so early in the morning or just before dusk at night.

Use some top dressing to help improve the soil quality. Check with your local store which type will be best for your lawn.

Lawn mowing Mornington Peninsula
Areas we service

We service all areas in the Mornington Peninsula
  • Balnarring
  • Dromana
  • Flinders
  • Hastings
  • McCrae
  • Mornington
  • Mount Eliza
  • Mount Martha
  • Portsea
  • Redhill
  • Rosebud
  • Rye
  • Sorrento
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